8 diseases in 8 hours

February 28 is Rare Disease Day: 8 diseases in 8 hours

One of the things we love about working here at precisioneffect is working with amazing companies who are changing the standard of care. Many of...


When a bag stands for something more

It’s taken me 2 whole weeks to come to grips with what I witnessed in the Superbowl and I’m still not over it (i.e. Tom...


Love is a twisted reality

I love my art partner and knows she hates messes. That’s why every few days, I clean up my side of our shared workspace. Every clean-up starts...


Love your audience month

What if your therapy could help you make sense of the world? There’s no Rx that can explain the current political climate, but researchers at MIT...

Paul in PharmaVoice

The Year Ahead: Collaboration, Creativity, Cause

A New Year means New Faces, New Campaigns, and (even more) New Reasons to Celebrate! But before 2016 is too far in our rearview, we’re...


Advancing patient empowerment should start with interoperability

“When EHRs can share information – called interoperability – doctors can more effectively diagnose patients and reduce medical errors, doctors and patients communicate more easily and effectively, and...


Follow the money – Most active digital health markets of 2016

“Follow the money “ is a phrase we often hear when trying to understand trends in the marketplace.  Polina Hanin, Academy Director at Startup Health...

Intel’s fitness tracker gave real time updates during a workout and you could speak and interact with it on the go!

CES 2017: So many wearables- but what does it all mean?

Walking around CES was overwhelming and inspiring- so much new technology coming into the space. SO many wearables it was hard to keep track of...

Rebranding an Icon: The Complete Experience

Rebranding an Icon: The complete experience

If you’re one of those super-ambitious, uber-efficient types, have we got the holiday card for you! We’ve created an all-in-one compilation video of Rebranding an...