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Love is a twisted reality

By Emily Bourdow February 14, 2017

I love my art partner and knows she hates messes.

That’s why every few days, I clean up my side of our shared workspace.

Every clean-up starts the same.

I look up from my computer one day to find my art partner neatly organizing folders, or wiping down her side with a Clorox wipe.

And suddenly I see my side the way it must look to my art partner. Dirty dishes mixed in with briefs. Dried cereal in my desk organizers. Coffee rings on my seat. The SEAT? And shit, is that dried jam? It’s everywhere.

I then disinfect like a woman possessed.

This process is how I’ve avoided getting a knife to my throat for the past two years. It requires one critical step: looking up and seeing things from my art partner’s perspective.

All relationships require this critical step in one way or another, including the one we have with our audience.

To be successful advertisers, we already know we have to think like our audience. And sure, strategy and planning gives us the tools to do that.

But having the tools to think like our audience and actually thinking like our audience are two different things.

Actually thinking like our audience requires us to stop thinking like ourselves and start thinking like someone else. Actually thinking like our audience makes us realize we aren’t the true experts. They are.

Actually thinking like our audience is hard work. The task requires us to twist our own reality so that it may accommodate another’s perspective.


And because it’s hard work, we only do it if we really care.

To make big ideas, you have to care.

To change the way people think, you need big ideas.

You have to love your audience enough to stop thinking like you, and start thinking like them.


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