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The Boston Marathon

By Heather O'Handley April 14, 2017

By Heather O’Handley, Associate Director Business Development

Every year on Patriots’ Day, over 30,000 registered participants set out to run the Boston Marathon.

Here at precisioneffect, we’re motivated and inspired by our Sr. Account Executive Erin Mulhern, who is running the Boston marathon for the first time (third marathon overall) in the name of the American Red Cross.

Applying for and running the marathon is no easy feat. First and foremost, it’s 26.2 miles. That equates to about 461 American football fields. And I got winded walking up the stairs this morning. Erin has been training for over 6 months by running and cross-training. She makes a huge effort to prepare her own balanced meals with fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein, straight up thriving on peanut butter. The sacrifice has been well worth it. Erin writes:

“The Boston Marathon is one of the greatest things about this city. Growing up, I always thought it was a big deal to know somebody running it… and this year it’s me. I’m so proud to be a part of this tradition.”

Beyond training and preparing her body for mission impossible, there’s a fundraising component.
Most runners are paired with charitable organizations or company sponsorships and are asked to fundraise a certain amount in the months leading up to the marathon. Erin was lucky enough to raise almost $11,000, and she’s thankful for every cent:

“I’m so amazed at how generous my family and friends have been in supporting me as a part of Team Red Cross. Yes, I surround myself with good-hearted people, but I never would have believed I could raise the amount I did. #blessed

Long story short, it takes an insane amount of dedication, perseverance, and drive to participate in the Boston Marathon. And we’re honored to cheer on one of our own.



So proud Erin!!!!

Aunt Karen
April 15, 2017 - 07:19 AM

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