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Opinion: A Gray Box Warning for Healthcare Marketing

A recent AdAge piece noted how Big Pharma had “become one of the sexiest jobs in advertising,” by offering a safe space for creatives who want to rake in “easy” ...

People, Patients, or Assets? Why Your Pharma Marketing Strategy May Not Work

First published on PharmaLive.

#WFH Diaries: Carolyn Morgan of PRECISIONeffect

First published on Muse by Clio.

“Time for self-reflection.” With Charlie Katz & Carolyn Morgan

First published on Thrive Global.

PRECISIONeffect Spotlight: Pam Caputo

Pam is an Associate VP of Media where she oversees our fast-growing media and digital engagement department. Every day, she brings her immense creativity to ...

In Her Own Words: Carolyn Morgan homeschools two sets of twins and holds Zoom meetings across four geographies

First published on Biz Women.

2 Minutes with Deborah Lotterman

First published on Muse by Clio. Over 20 years in healthcare marketing, spanning virtually every specialty in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, ...


I interned at precisioneffect because their team saw potential in me. I stayed because I saw potential for myself.

Women of the Week Podcast with Carolyn Morgan

First published on PharmaVOICE.

“The US has a long way to go versus other cultures in work-life balance.”

First published on Authority Magazine The US has a long way to go versus other cultures in work-life balance. The “American Way” is believing anything is ...

Harnessing the ghost in the machine

 First published on MedAd News. 

Office Envy interest in “Love the space you’re in”

First published on BOSTINNO