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A Welcome Bit of Change

Forget the pandemic – in the past year, we have witnessed overdue and historical shifts in awareness and action on social justice, inclusion, and accessibility. As ...

Now that COVID-19 vaccines have been approved, it's our turn, healthcare communicators

First published on PMLive.

Solving Real Problems from the Depths of the Technology Echo Chamber

First published on Clinical Research News.

The five-step, rare disease-ready checklist

First published on PMLive.

Opinion: A Gray Box Warning for Healthcare Marketing

A recent AdAge piece noted how Big Pharma had “become one of the sexiest jobs in advertising,” by offering a safe space for creatives who want to rake in “easy” ...

People, Patients, or Assets? Why Your Pharma Marketing Strategy May Not Work

First published on PharmaLive.

#WFH Diaries: Carolyn Morgan of PRECISIONeffect

First published on Muse by Clio.

“Time for self-reflection.” With Charlie Katz & Carolyn Morgan

First published on Thrive Global.

PRECISIONeffect Spotlight: Pam Caputo

Pam is an Associate VP of Media where she oversees our fast-growing media and digital engagement department. Every day, she brings her immense creativity to ...

In Her Own Words: Carolyn Morgan homeschools two sets of twins and holds Zoom meetings across four geographies

First published on Biz Women.

2 Minutes with Deborah Lotterman

First published on Muse by Clio. Over 20 years in healthcare marketing, spanning virtually every specialty in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, ...


I interned at precisioneffect because their team saw potential in me. I stayed because I saw potential for myself.

Women of the Week Podcast with Carolyn Morgan

First published on PharmaVOICE.

“The US has a long way to go versus other cultures in work-life balance.”

First published on Authority Magazine The US has a long way to go versus other cultures in work-life balance. The “American Way” is believing anything is ...

Harnessing the ghost in the machine

 First published on MedAd News. 

Office Envy interest in “Love the space you’re in”

First published on BOSTINNO

precisioneffect Announces Senior Leadership Promotions in Boston Office

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Real talk: Mental Health

“You can’t tell by looking at someone what they are dealing with inside.”

Real-world evidence in the Big Apple

Great minds converged at the Edison Ballroom in NYC to attend the 2019 MM&M’s transforming healthcare conference. It’s here where we hosted a rich roundtable style ...

Five Reasons Why Your Content Strategy is Failing

First published on PM360 

Targeting Multitudes

First published on PM360 We’re in the golden era of brand planning. With every tap on a screen to comment on a message board, the digital age provides an endless ...

Google & The Future of Gaming

Yesterday, Google had its biggest announcement in the entertainment industry since its acquisition of YouTube in 2006. Google unveiled its new Stadia cloud gaming ...

What's in a Culture?

Whether stated or not, every work place has a culture. Distilled down to its essence, a culture is a set of unifying values and beliefs that add up to a way of ...

A holiday message

What makes someone “presidential”? It’s a fair and particularly timely question.

5 Heart-Worthy Stories You Should Know About

Today is Valentine’s Day and rather than serving up typical heartwarming sentiments, we wanted to use this opportunity to talk about heart health truths and myths.  

Great benefits to cover our growing family (and their families)

We’re growing so fast, new people show up every week, including the very littlest ones!

Emoji Score Card

We couldn’t have picked a worse year for our 2nd Annual Emoji Scorecard that ranks the best, the worst, and the most confusing Super Bowl commercials. Luckily for ...

Getting into the game

Apparently there was a big game last night?

The gift that keeps on giving

Happy New Year!

6 campaigns with big tactical ideas that break new ground

First published on MM&M. 

Building a mobile app just got easier

If you asked me a few months ago if any pharma brand should build an app, my answer probably would have been no.

Lifebox Enlists Surgeons To Make A Difference Across the Globe

First published on Medical Design & Outsourcing

The CEO Show

I love speaking in front of people – the size of the group is irrelevant – I just have fun doing it. I thrive on human interaction during the talk. Those small, ...

Lifebox Launches Surgical Safety Campaign to Raise Awareness among Clinicians

First published on PharmaVoice

Embracing the power

It’s too easy to bemoan the dehumanizing impact of the tiny, powerful computers that fit in the palms of our hands. Lately, the very tech titans who created them ...

Precisioneffect’s Deborah Lotterman on being a prominent creative in the agency world

 First published on MM&M   Deborah Lotterman is chief creative officer of Precisioneffect. One thing people don't realize about my job That I don’t do all the ...

The Halloween that almost wasn't...

I thought I had cast the spell for a perfect party.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the time of year we’re virtually pinkwashed with the staggering reality of breast cancer’s big numbers. Like ...

A Simple Checklist and a Little Yellow Box Transform Surgeries from Life-Threatening to Life-Saving Procedures Around the World

First published on

PM Society Digital Awards 2018

We were wearing our finest. Some of us even sparkled in pink. The venue? The 9th annual PM society digital awards last week in London. This celebration of the ...

Apple unveils a DTC ECG

For those that didn’t view Apple’s latest keynote, the development that carried the most groundbreaking health impact was the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Crafting Beer and Subject Lines

Subject lines and craft beer—these two don’t really seem to go together, huh?

Putting the Freeze on Still’s Disease

 “Never tickle a sleeping dragon,” JK Rowling famously warns. But I’ve heard better dragon advice. People who live with Still’s disease – men, women, children – ...

What I learned from Mean Girls

She was barreling at me top speed, rushing down the stairs with her mouth twisted in anger—a very unhappy woman from the looks of it. No eye contact. No hello. Just ...

Chatbots in Healthcare: Interview with John Fitzpatrick, VP of Media and Engagement at precisioneffect

First published on Medgadget

Headlines for Hope - and Accuracy

Have you ever thought hmm…that’s an interesting headline, is it really true?

Is patient-centricity really having an impact at the point of care?

Patient-centricity is the buzzword that permeates the healthcare landscape right now. And rightly so.

How my toes help my fingers

Do you remember the very first time you gave your boss some copy to review? I sure do—I was terrified. It was a little jewelry print ad headed for the New York ...

Doctors Are People Too: A Q&A with precisioneffect’s Pam Caputo

First published on PharmaLive

I hate cats

I have a conflicted relationship with cats. I am both fascinated by and afraid of our feline friends.

The Battle at Thompson Island

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Football’s coming home. Or is it?

“I don’t really care about football or the world cup” said most of the London office the moment an email about a football World Cup sweepstake arrived in their ...

Ovid’s hook-up advice and healthcare marketing

Have you ever clicked on something like this?

Did someone call a doctor?

Scientific storytelling, PhDs galore, love for innovation, impeccable pedigree. This isn’t a wish list, it is reality. This week Precision Medicine Group brought a ...

A new year’s resolution check-in

At the start of the year, I set out to find a New Year’s resolution I could actually uphold. Let’s be serious, I was never going to cut cheese or gluten out of my ...

Innovation with a side of hash browns

What do bacon and CAR-T cell therapy have in common? They’re both absolutely incredible. In early June, FierceBiotech hosted their annual innovation panel at the ...

Agencies Pay It Forward

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Medical Editing? Is that some kind of disorder?

OK, I’m joking. But that’s sort of the reaction I get when I tell people what I do for a living. They know what medical is, and they know what editing is, ...

Boxed In to Break Free

First published on PM360 I was that kid. The one who turned the refrigerator box into an airplane. The actual output of this endeavor was not particularly pretty. I ...

Kicking dad in the shins.

I was reading Shel Silverstein to my daughter the other night, and I came upon a poem that made me reflect a bit on Father’s Day, what I have as a dad, what’s ...

Jumping the pond

By Michelle Franco & Leah Wassermann

ASCO 2018 - A throwback to the days of old

In an age where we are constantly surrounded by technology, it was refreshing to see many ASCO exhibits honor the past by using old school methods to create ...

What baking a chocolate cake can teach us about pharma marketing

By Kat Foo

Surviving ASCO - a local perspective on visiting Chicago

ASCO is upon us again. And per tradition, 40,000 oncologists will descend on Chicago to mingle, reconnect, and review the latest and greatest oncology abstracts ...

The real secrets of multi-channel marketing

Windsor was the place to be last week, with two hugely important events taking place. Leading the way was the annual precisioneffect London’s ‘Secrets of Successful ...

Are you wearing red tomorrow?

By Miranda Luce

Consumer/Patient Experience Special Feature: Digital therapeutics – Improving the patient experience at scale

First published on PharmaLive

A raw exposé of Mother’s Day from a first-time mom

By:Sophie Malaczko

What's the big deal with the royal wedding?

When precisioneffect London was announced I was thrilled that we are able to expand our global reach but was also excited to have a team of people to tap into to ...

5 Guiding Principles That Help Me Balance Motherhood and Running a Business

First published on

We ♥ Nurses!

By Mary Anne Bishop In honor of National Nurse Day and in appreciation for the work that nurses do to care for patients, we interview Vania Porras, a registered ...

Marketing to Women

First published on

Time to go vertical with healthcare communications

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in healthcare?” Does it conjure up thoughts of a Pfizer or Novartis merger? What ...

Precisioneffect boosts digital chops, global reach with U.K. agency buy

First published on FiercePharma

Big Pink Acquisition Press Release

First published on PharmaLive

precisioneffect acquires European marketing agency Big Pink

First published on PharmaLive

What happens when pink goes orange?

The agency is more than 40 years old, but we’re adopting a new sibling.

Marketers share appealing content mix for waiting room-bound patients

First published on MM&M

It’s time to use our head to save our butt.

By Vee Saenz

Join the Battle. Cycle for Survival.

I find myself with the rare privilege of having a job that inspires me outside of work.

Top Women in Healthcare Discuss Gender Equity

First published on PM360

We’re giving a voice to everyone with a rare disease. It just happens to be Paul McCartney’s, Grizfolk’s, and Björk’s.

According to the National Institutes of Health, a disease is considered rare if it affects fewer than 200,000 individuals in the United States.

Can we stop talking about millennials already?

I might be an N of 1 here but is there really a “millennial thing?” Don’t people say “the kids these days” about every generation?

5 Upcoming Trends in Motion Graphics


Moments that made our hearts the hero

By Suzanne Maynard, ACD, Art

Emoji analysis of SBLII commercials-the good, the bad, and Danny DeVito

Last year, commercial ad space during the Super Bowl cost companies an average of $166,667.00 per second. It’s hardly a bargain to reach more than 111 million ...

The Big Reveal: Pharma Ad Setting of the Year

Ever since Pantone elevated itself to trendsetter status by issuing their popular Color of the Year manifesto, brands have been quick to hype their clairvoyance for ...

Another low year for OPDP violations: Are we getting better or are the chains loosening?

With 2017 in the books, The Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) continued on its multi-year trend of issuing less enforcement letters for drug promotion.

2018: The Year of the User

Google is using its machine learning capabilities, so the latest updates to Google Analytics will greatly benefit marketers by being able to create a deeper ...

Are Chatbots right for healthcare?

By John Fitzpatrick, VP – Media & Engagement

New Year. New Briefs.

An account executive gets asked to write a blog post about the plan for 2018. Seems easy, right? It’s my job to know the plan (or at least, have some knowledge of ...

9 dead-simple ways to boost creativity in 2018

It's the second week in January and most resolutions have been abandoned. I’d suggest it’s because these new-leaf promises typically involve deprivation. ...

How healthbots can assist patients and HCPs

First published on MM&M

Where Smiles Lead to Success

By: Mary Catania, Copywriter, precisioneffect

Asking the Right Questions to Influence Behaviors

First published on PM360 “No question is a bad question,” or so we’ve been taught. As a father of two elementary school boys, I can appreciate the intent of this ...

Simplicity in the workplace

First published FierceCEO

Be on the lookout for diabetic eye disease

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, but did you know that it’s also Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month?


By Melinda Rainsberger, UX Designer


Lifebox, our long time pro bono passion, has taken a great stride to improve global health by designing an ingenious low-resource focused pulse oximetry probe for ...

Hustlin' the "typical" side hustle

By Melinda Rainsberger, Content Designer

Events we love: LIGHT THE NIGHT

If you or someone you love has been affected by a cancer diagnosis, I am sure you remember that conversation. Hearing the words that cancer was present. Maybe you ...

Beyonders don't boo-hoo...we're all too busy eating apple cider donuts

precisioneffect content this month will focus on: we’ve got time to make the donuts (and eat them, too)

A new picture: Changing the route to brand growth

First published on PMLiVE

Do you know the reason that September 22nd was chosen to mark World CML day?

The answer lies in the disease itself.

Falling for Agency Life

By Mary Catania, Copywriter

New Cologuard ad tries humor to make colon screening accessible

First published on MM&M

Why the red pants?

Today, precisioneffect is participating in Red Pants Day to help spread awareness for vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (vEDS). VEDS is a rare, life-threatening ...

“Alexa, what’s next for you?”

I will admit it. I was a skeptic of voice-enabled technology.

Don't fear the robot: Artifical intelligence could be a game-changer for physicians and their patients

First published on FierceHealthcare

Is the fair balance really fair? Likely not says a recent FDA study.

Recently, I wrote about how the FDA was studying the fair balance in print ads, seeing if the length of it influences recall of information for patients and ...

Newbies on the block

"Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible with talent is genius.” –Henri Frederic Amiel

The Future of Patient-Focused Marketing from the Agency C-Suite

First published on PharmaVoice

The Beyonding Awards 2017: Hear all about it!

Beyonders are authentic, bold and curious. We bring those attributes into the agency when we arrive and call on them daily while we are here. We often ask each ...

How a Military Police Officer Made Me a Better Advertiser

A dear family friend has a son who I’ve watched grow up. The first time I met my friend, she was holding David in her arms, then just a few months old. Now, he’s a ...

Can affective computing fill the empathy gap?

First published on Becker's Healthcare

The long-awaited short list

You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and the sun seems to be shining a little brighter? You know it’s going to be a great day.

The magic of asking, "what if?"

By Mary Anne Bishop, Brand Strategist

A business love story

According to wiki, LOVE is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically experienced strongly and positively, which ranges from deepest ...

Making the long-distance work relationship… work

Those of you who work with colleagues cross-office, cross-state, and even cross-country, can sympathize with the struggles of not being able to conduct business ...

Match Making in August: Who sings the song only you can hear?

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear." -Oscar Wilde precisioneffect content ...

What’s going on this summer at the FDA?

It doesn’t look like they are sitting back, enjoying a cold brew, and chilling on the beach. Instead, it appears our regulatory officials plan to cook up some ...

Double Take: Healthcare Ad Agency Exec Leads By Example For Working Moms

First published on TAKETHELEADWOMEN.COM “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” was the longest running advertising campaign for Doublemint chewing gum, and Carolyn ...

Redefining Evidence-Based Medicine with AI

The practice of evidence-based medicine is taking on new meaning with the continued growth of artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI.

If You Were a Pokémon, (Eye) Would Choose You!

By Amber Wolff, Business Development Intern

The art of getting it right

Perfect Execution.

Grain of Hope for Gluten Sufferers

By Claire Furukawa, Graphic Design Intern

A "new" horizon of health-related connections & conversations?

Social media has been a lot of things to me. It’s been a career path, a personal passion, a place to connect with friends around the globe, and a platform for ...

Celebrating Independence: Nobel thinking, novel products, free spirits

A rebel heart lies within our industry, although at times it may seem hard to find.  This month, we will highlight those people and companies committed to doing ...

360 Degrees of Girl Boss

Our clients tend to be as insightful and surprising as the innovations they’re bringing to market—products such as a noninvasive way to screen for colon cancer, a ...

Blurred Lines: A Digital & Reality Love Story

By Leah Wassermann, Associate Media Strategist

Hypothesis: beyonding sparks madness

This year’s west coast beyonding competition was fierce. With an influx of nominations and weeks of in-office hype up, the team was eager for the event to start.


I type this as I fly West to the first of two Beyonding celebrations that precisioneffect will host this summer. And, this is an extra special year – it is our ...

Dove in-forms the beauty space

By Christina Limbo, Account Executive

We’ve always got healthcare on the brain

By Stephanie Beneze, Office Manager

So a creative walks into an exhibit hall . . .

There are still papers to be presented and posters to be scanned, the real work of scientific exchange continues. But for those who thrive on the snap, crackle, pop ...

Nothing beats a good book (list)

By Heather O'Handley, Associate Director Business Development

Voice assistants may ease EHR burden for docs, but challenges exist

First published on MM&M

Best in show: UX on the ASCO tradeshow floor

A key challenge for any exhibitor at ASCO is creating an experience that both draws and engages a physician with their content. As I walked the ASCO floor, it was ...

I am not my badge

We’ve all experienced it, entering a booth in the exhibition hall during ASCO. A well-dressed person smiling ear-to-ear approaches you quickly. They get ...

Confessions of a battle-tested ASCO Veteran

By Ben Beckley, SVP Accounts

Joie de June: Recognizing Women Making Change

Where do you, or your brand, want to be three, five, ten years from now? Whether you're a brand director or just director of your own career, having a goal and ...

Wine not whining

By Alex Small, Senior Business Development Manager

We’ve gamified ASCO

ASCO is fast approaching (you made your hotel reservations months ago, right?) and here at precisioneffect we could not be more pumped! This is the show where you ...

Advertising agencies and f-words

By Kortney McPherson, Associate Digital Strategist

In the quest to improve maternal health, we’ve forgotten mom

By Mary Anne Bishop, Brand Strategist

May: an entire month dedicated to spreading advocacy and awareness for a subject often left unspoken

By Lauren Beach, Business Development Specialist

May-king our way to conference season

We’re spending the month of May surveying the world of oncology: groundbreaking advancements, patient stories, and implications for medical marketing.

Superheroes Among Us

Web-Wide Whitelist

By Leah Wassermann, Associate Media Strategist

The Boston Marathon

By Heather O'Handley, Associate Director Business Development

Beantown biopharma campaign takes over Kendall Square in agency blitz

First published on FiercePharma

Voice-Activated Technology: A Healthcare How-to

By Paul Balagot, Chief Experience Officer

Pause. Reflect. Optimize.

By Leah Wassermann, Associate Media Strategist

National Pet Day at precisioneffect!

By David Voshchin, Brand Strategist

And the award goes to...


Promoting gracefully and properly

By Mel Rainsberger, UX Designer

The UN is advocating for a happiness mandate (maybe they’re on to something)

By Joanna Beeman, VP, Content Director

The audio comeback

“Seeing is believing,” is a phrase many of us have heard. But in the earbud era, could the phrase “Hearing is believing,” increasingly become a reality?

Driving interoperability in a sea of fragmentation

A major theme at SXSW was the ongoing challenge around interoperability. In this transformational age of big data, artificial intelligence and natural language ...

The Drive Train: Developing Websites Focused on Outcomes

Game on! It’s March Madness. While the college teams work it out on the court, precisioneffect is scanning the game of commercial competition. How do you stand out ...

Living in Google’s World

While attending a Google seminar today, I got a glimpse of the secret sauce that makes Google so relevant to all of our lives. They have it down to a science (I ...

The Technology Shift- “We don’t go online. We live online”

And so started the conference at Google on mobile trends in Pharma and Healthcare.

February 28 is Rare Disease Day: 8 diseases in 8 hours

One of the things we love about working here at precisioneffect is working with amazing companies who are changing the standard of care. Many of our clients are ...

When a bag stands for something more

It’s taken me 2 whole weeks to come to grips with what I witnessed in the Superbowl and I’m still not over it (i.e. Tom Brady’s greatness), so please forgive me for ...

Love is a twisted reality

I love my art partner and knows she hates messes.

Love your audience month

What if your therapy could help you make sense of the world?

The Year Ahead: Collaboration, Creativity, Cause

A New Year means New Faces, New Campaigns, and (even more) New Reasons to Celebrate! But before 2016 is too far in our rearview, we’re proud to share a few press ...

Advancing patient empowerment should start with interoperability

“When EHRs can share information – called interoperability – doctors can more effectively diagnose patients and reduce medical errors, doctors and patients ...

Follow the money – Most active digital health markets of 2016

“Follow the money “ is a phrase we often hear when trying to understand trends in the marketplace.  Polina Hanin, Academy Director at Startup Health shared a report ...

CES 2017: So many wearables- but what does it all mean?

Walking around CES was overwhelming and inspiring- so much new technology coming into the space. SO many wearables it was hard to keep track of which ones did what ...