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Not your typical award show dinner

September 25, 2018


We were wearing our finest. Some of us even sparkled in pink. The venue? The 9th annual PM society digital awards last week in London. This celebration of the innovation in digital communications in healthcare hands out 15 coveted awards in a variety of categories from people, corporate, payer and conferences.

Our London siblings were honored to be shortlisted for 4 awards. Yes, 4 awards.

Our nominations included:

  • GSK & Grünenthal in the Animation category.
  • Mylan in the Effectiveness Promotional brand campaigns category
  • Grünenthal in the Best use of new or emerging technology category

And while being nominated is fun, winning is more fun.

We didn’t have to wait long before the team took the stage with a GOLD in the Innovation category for Best Use of New or Emerging Technology for a Google Cardboard application built for Grünenthal.

Grünenthal challenged us to disrupt prescribing habits and raise awareness amongst HCPs about the life-hampering side effects of systemic drugs for post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Our strategy was to open eyes to the challenges elderly PHN patients face as a result of systemic side effects. With a digital education initiative that shows HCPs the negatives of systemics, the positives of topical Versatis become even more relevant. Augmented reality and an immersive experience bring patient experiences to life and give their needs a louder voice than can ever be achieved through traditional means.

The team also took home SILVER for GSK with the Veeva 1:1 email animation. GSK developed the Veeva 1:1 email video, designed to educate and encourage global markets in the value of Veeva 1:1 emails and use them as an integral part of their multichannel campaigns.

john 2-1

We laughed. We danced. We boomeranged.

Up next, the PM Society Awards in February, will the Americans be invited back? We’ll see.

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