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Getting into the game

February 4, 2019


Apparently there was a big game last night?

I’ve invested a lot in being blasé about sports. It’s part of my brand. I didn’t play as a kid. I don’t get fan-dom. Yada yada yada.

But secretly, I’ve been watching (it’s hard to avoid in Boston) and I’ve come discover – o so late in the game – how team sports are such an apt metaphor for business and particularly agency life.

There is nothing like winning as a team. It’s pretty addictive. Once you’ve had a taste of that amazing alchemy, of different talents pushing and pulling each other to achieve something greater, individual achievement pales.

So we don’t get rings, but when we walk onto our field – pitching for a piece of business – it’s just like football. We have a game plan, some smart plays we want to execute, individuals with different areas of expertise. Then there’s the snap and everyone has to move, flex and communicate in real time. And it can happen over and over again over the course of a 2 hour presentation. At times, you can feel like you’re losing ground. You haven’t been able to score any points. And then, because the team has prepared so well, because passion and persistence are so critical, a move in the final moments can spin the outcome.

Also, I like that Tom Brady is really OLD and still killing it.

Go Pats!