Beyond standard healthcare branding


September 20, 2019


I interned at precisioneffect because their team saw potential in me. I stayed because I saw potential for myself.

As a recent graduate in June 2018, I still wasn’t quite sure where I should kick off my professional career. I was looking for one more “real-world” experience to show me what I was and wasn’t looking for in a working environment (spoiler alert, precisioneffect ended up being a whole lot of the former).  

I heard the phrase “we’re a learning agency” more times than I could count during my first week, and I was constantly encouraged to explore and apply my skills across departments. I never felt like I couldn’t raise my hand and learn something new about the agency and, ultimately, myself.

I found myself in an environment that not only celebrated an effective output, but also celebrated the strong work ethic that got us there. If you Googled “hard work pays off,” precisioneffect would be the top (non-sponsored) result. I saw so much of what I wanted for myself, in the precisioneffect team. More than ever before, I felt empowered, yet challenged (the good kind, obviously).

The summer progressed along with the looming need to find a full-time job. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue, but one thing was clear: I didn’t want to leave precisioneffect behind.

It was time for me to put precisioneffect’s confidence in my potential to the true test. To see if the praise translated to commitment. I wasn’t disappointed.

The very same people who supported my growth as an intern are now championing my growth as an income-earning professional. I’m continuing to learn about myself, the healthcare industry, and the team’s cookie preferences (oatmeal raisin FTW). I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.