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Office Envy interest in “Love the space you’re in”

July 8, 2019


First published on BOSTINNO

precisioneffect, the medical marketing agency located at 101 Tremont St., is designed for connection. Whether it’s bridging the gap between co-workers in its three-floored office space in Boston or across the pond in London, precisioneffect is focused on creating an ideal space for collaboration. 

With different departments spread across three floors, it can be hard to interact with those on different levels. The company has thus learned to interrupt these “micro-environments” with various activities. Every Friday around 4:30, the entire office comes together for teamwork toasts, time dedicated to celebrating accomplishments in every team. Also, every week, leadership releases a survey called “tiny pulse,” where employees can answer questions and make their own suggestions.

The property contains 18 offices, seven conference rooms and four phone rooms. The desks in the open floor plan are next to or across from each other but are divided by panels, allowing for some privacy. There are no assigned offices in the space; if it’s open, anyone can use it. The phone rooms all have a different theme and contain soundproofing panels in various shades of color based on the theme. For example, one panel in the Spongebob phone booth is bright yellow—Spongebob’s signature shade. 

When asked about what differentiates the company’s office space, precisioneffect president Carolyn Morgan answered, “the camaraderie.” 

“There’s an aesthetic, and there’s a structure, but then people can be really flexible inside it,” said Deborah Lotterman, chief creative officer. 

“You know, we’re always working with companies who are trying to change the standard of care and health care world,” Morgan said. “We’ve always kind of taken that and ran with it internally. We have to be willing to change as well and be able to adapt to the new things that people need to be able to make their jobs better…I mean, our clients count on us to be cutting-edge and to be ahead of the times, so we need to make sure we’re reflecting that.” 

In addition to its Boston office, precisioneffect is also located in London and Costa Mesa. The physical distance needed to be remedied in their conference rooms, allowing for seamless communication across coasts.

“All of our conference rooms recently just did an upgrade of all the AV equipment,” said associate director Tiffany Weil. “Every single room has a camera, so when you talk and have your zoom on, [the camera] swings around and zooms in on the person.” 

The 20,151-sq.-ft. office is located across the street from the Granary Burying Ground along Titletown’s famous parade route. With all of the championships Boston has won in recent years, the workers at precisioneffect have been able to enjoy this parade perk.

“We have parties when that happens,” said Morgan. “We shut down the office during the hours of the parade and invite our clients and family members and friends. Every employee gets to bring one person and be able to watch.”

The decor is whimsical, with bold walls painted blue and orange and graphic art everywhere. If you look beneath a desk, you might see a dog, as precisioneffect is a pet-friendly office. In the kitchen, along with snacks and a beer fridge, was a giant prize wheel, giving employees the opportunity to win a cash prize ranging from $250 to $1,000. The conference rooms are font-themed, with names like Futura, Comic Sans and Gotham. 

“We’re probably the only agency in town that has Sam Adams cold in the cooler and Sam Adams cold across the street,” Lotterman said.

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