Beyond standard healthcare branding

Opinion: A Gray Box Warning for Healthcare Marketing

December 7, 2020


A recent AdAge piece noted how Big Pharma had “become one of the sexiest jobs in advertising,” by offering a safe space for creatives who want to rake in “easy” money. Some interviewed suggested healthcare creatives were complacent professionals looking for a low-pressure environment and hand-out paychecks. Our Chief Creative Officer, Deborah Lotterman, tackles this claim head-on, sharing the experience of someone who has been in healthcare since the early 90's (read: reality).

“Consumer advertising has long lived on the dictum of ‘come up with some really out-of-the-box ideas.’ In healthcare marketing, you must stay within the box built by the FDA. End of discussion…Our biggest competitor is the current standard of care: the status quo.”

Healthcare marketing is not as dark – or as cushy – as many have been led to believe. It can be quite bright helping to shape the future. If you have the right stuff. Deborah shares what it takes to excel as a creative in healthcare in an op-ed for AdAge (subscription required).