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Women of the Week Podcast with Carolyn Morgan

First published on PharmaVOICE.

“The US has a long way to go versus other cultures in work-life balance.”

First published on Authority Magazine The US has a long way to go versus other cultures in work-life balance. The “American Way” is believing anything is ...

Harnessing the ghost in the machine

 First published on MedAd News. 

Office Envy interest in “Love the space you’re in”

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precisioneffect Announces Senior Leadership Promotions in Boston Office

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Real talk: Mental Health

“You can’t tell by looking at someone what they are dealing with inside.”

Real-world evidence in the Big Apple

Great minds converged at the Edison Ballroom in NYC to attend the 2019 MM&M’s transforming healthcare conference. It’s here where we hosted a rich roundtable style ...

Five Reasons Why Your Content Strategy is Failing

First published on PM360 

Targeting Multitudes

First published on PM360 We’re in the golden era of brand planning. With every tap on a screen to comment on a message board, the digital age provides an endless ...

Google & The Future of Gaming

Yesterday, Google had its biggest announcement in the entertainment industry since its acquisition of YouTube in 2006. Google unveiled its new Stadia cloud gaming ...

What's in a Culture?

Whether stated or not, every work place has a culture. Distilled down to its essence, a culture is a set of unifying values and beliefs that add up to a way of ...

A holiday message

What makes someone “presidential”? It’s a fair and particularly timely question.