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I hate cats

I have a conflicted relationship with cats. I am both fascinated by and afraid of our feline friends.

The Battle at Thompson Island

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Football’s coming home. Or is it?

“I don’t really care about football or the world cup” said most of the London office the moment an email about a football World Cup sweepstake arrived in their ...

Ovid’s hook-up advice and healthcare marketing

Have you ever clicked on something like this?

Did someone call a doctor?

Scientific storytelling, PhDs galore, love for innovation, impeccable pedigree. This isn’t a wish list, it is reality. This week Precision Medicine Group brought a ...

A new year’s resolution check-in

At the start of the year, I set out to find a New Year’s resolution I could actually uphold. Let’s be serious, I was never going to cut cheese or gluten out of my ...

Innovation with a side of hash browns

What do bacon and CAR-T cell therapy have in common? They’re both absolutely incredible. In early June, FierceBiotech hosted their annual innovation panel at the ...

Medical Editing? Is that some kind of disorder?

OK, I’m joking. But that’s sort of the reaction I get when I tell people what I do for a living. They know what medical is, and they know what editing is, ...

Kicking dad in the shins.

I was reading Shel Silverstein to my daughter the other night, and I came upon a poem that made me reflect a bit on Father’s Day, what I have as a dad, what’s ...

Jumping the pond

By Michelle Franco & Leah Wassermann

ASCO 2018 - A throwback to the days of old

In an age where we are constantly surrounded by technology, it was refreshing to see many ASCO exhibits honor the past by using old school methods to create ...

What baking a chocolate cake can teach us about pharma marketing

By Kat Foo