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Apple unveils a DTC ECG

For those that didn’t view Apple’s latest keynote, the development that carried the most groundbreaking health impact was the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 4.

The art of crafting beer

Subject lines and craft beer—these two don’t really seem to go together, huh?

Putting the Freeze on Still’s Disease

 “Never tickle a sleeping dragon,” JK Rowling famously warns. But I’ve heard better dragon advice. People who live with Still’s disease – men, women, children – ...

What I learned from Mean Girls

She was barreling at me top speed, rushing down the stairs with her mouth twisted in anger—a very unhappy woman from the looks of it. No eye contact. No hello. Just ...

Headlines for Hope - and Accuracy

Have you ever thought hmm…that’s an interesting headline, is it really true?

Is patient-centricity really having an impact at the point of care?

Patient-centricity is the buzzword that permeates the healthcare landscape right now. And rightly so.

How my toes help my fingers

Do you remember the very first time you gave your boss some copy to review? I sure do—I was terrified. It was a little jewelry print ad headed for the New York ...

I hate cats

I have a conflicted relationship with cats. I am both fascinated by and afraid of our feline friends.

The Battle at Thompson Island

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Football’s coming home. Or is it?

“I don’t really care about football or the world cup” said most of the London office the moment an email about a football World Cup sweepstake arrived in their ...

Ovid’s hook-up advice and healthcare marketing

Have you ever clicked on something like this?

Did someone call a doctor?

Scientific storytelling, PhDs galore, love for innovation, impeccable pedigree. This isn’t a wish list, it is reality. This week Precision Medicine Group brought a ...