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Lifebox Launches Surgical Safety Campaign to Raise Awareness among Clinicians

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Embracing the power

It’s too easy to bemoan the dehumanizing impact of the tiny, powerful computers that fit in the palms of our hands. Lately, the very tech titans who created them ...

Precisioneffect’s Deborah Lotterman on being a prominent creative in the agency world

 First published on MM&M   Deborah Lotterman is chief creative officer of Precisioneffect. One thing people don't realize about my job That I don’t do all the ...

The Halloween that almost wasn't...

I thought I had cast the spell for a perfect party.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the time of year we’re virtually pinkwashed with the staggering reality of breast cancer’s big numbers. Like ...

A Simple Checklist and a Little Yellow Box Transform Surgeries from Life-Threatening to Life-Saving Procedures Around the World

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PM Society Digital Awards 2018

We were wearing our finest. Some of us even sparkled in pink. The venue? The 9th annual PM society digital awards last week in London. This celebration of the ...

Apple unveils a DTC ECG

For those that didn’t view Apple’s latest keynote, the development that carried the most groundbreaking health impact was the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Crafting Beer and Subject Lines

Subject lines and craft beer—these two don’t really seem to go together, huh?

Putting the Freeze on Still’s Disease

 “Never tickle a sleeping dragon,” JK Rowling famously warns. But I’ve heard better dragon advice. People who live with Still’s disease – men, women, children – ...

What I learned from Mean Girls

She was barreling at me top speed, rushing down the stairs with her mouth twisted in anger—a very unhappy woman from the looks of it. No eye contact. No hello. Just ...

Chatbots in Healthcare: Interview with John Fitzpatrick, VP of Media and Engagement at precisioneffect

First published on Medgadget