Beyond standard healthcare branding

What happens when pink goes orange?

April 24, 2018


The agency is more than 40 years old, but we’re adopting a new sibling.

Today we’ve officially acquired a London office, an amazing team and the means to bolster our ability to serve our clients globally.

precisioneffect London will be staffed by the extraordinary multichannel marketing powerhouse formerly known as Big Pink. For nearly 15 years, Wayne Page (he’s the lightning-sharp strategic one) and Simon Wilson (he’s the mind-blowing creative one), have led the cracking team that’s made a name for itself creating highly engaging and effective initiatives for clients like GSK, Pfizer and Astellas. From digital to video to social, it’s work that’s grounded in local insight to soar beyond the expectations of what's possible in healthcare marketing.

See the reel

The freshly minted precisioneffect London will continue to do work for its existing clients and join forces with other precisioneffect offices to develop wide-ranging global programs across channels, mediums and time zones.

How did we know Big Pink would fit beautifully? Strip away the radiant name (RIP, Big Pink), the posh accents (ready-made for MOA videos), and we saw precisioneffectors. A team so like ours – creative, curious, driven, scrappy, indefatigable in pursuit of developing and executing great work that changes behavior and moves markets.

The entire precisioneffect team joined in a celebratory toast at 5pm BST. The Costa Mesa team sipped mimosas. Chicago and Boston cracked open champagne and the new London crew threw back pints.

We won’t be adding pink to our corporate palette, but we are mixing in exceptional new talent, capabilities and reach. We feel confident the outcomes will be brilliant!