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December 6, 2018


I love speaking in front of people – the size of the group is irrelevant – I just have fun doing it. I thrive on human interaction during the talk. Those small, slight reactions you get from the audience – the tiny smile, the laugh, the knowing head nod – that is my fuel to keep going. So, how do you accomplish that on the radio? I was recently interviewed by Robert Reiss, a contributor to Forbes and the host and CEO of “The CEO Show.” What an honor to be asked, what a new challenge. But, I thought nervously, how would I do without an audience?

Robert Reiss came into our office minutes before we taped. He asked me a few questions about my career and my family, and almost immediately I felt relaxed. When it was time, he moved so quickly and fluidly from question to question that there was nothing to do but answer honestly and from the heart. And, I did. When I asked him how I did – he has interviewed hundreds of CEOs after all – he said I was genuine.

It got me thinking that perhaps you don’t always need the magic of an audience. What you really need is the love of your content. Turns out I could probably talk to a wall about precisioneffect, leading an organization, being a working mom and my children. I will always thank Robert Reiss for this lesson (and for being the Rolls-Royce of interviewers). The channel isn’t what makes it great, it is whether or not you love what you are talking about. And, I do.

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Carolyn Morgan is the president of precisioneffect, mother of two sets of twins and is known around the office as “The Velvet Hammer”