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The Halloween that almost wasn't...

October 30, 2018


I thought I had cast the spell for a perfect party.

The Boston team had chosen the date of Friday 10/26. People brought food for the potluck, we ordered an absurd amount of alcohol, and most importantly, COSTUMES!

And then, as the hour approached, an email let us know that the water in the building, which had been off all morning, wasn’t going to come back and that the party would be rescheduled.

Devastation set in and I may or may not have cried…that is, until I turned on the faucet in the kitchen and we did in fact have water!

Shout out to Jeff Tully, Sr. Director, Creative Services, for responding to the company-wide e-mail with the simple, nearly Biblical message of “We have water.” It was too little too late though—we lost a lot of good people to the lure of working from home.

With a little encouragement from Kevin Flynn, VP & Director of Medical Services—who proclaimed with fists in the air, “I’LL STAY! I’LL PARTY!”—I knew that precisioneffect Halloween would be saved. And was it ever!

Below is a glimpse of some of the characters that showed up for the party beginning with our first-place costume winner, Elton John (Ross Barber, Project Manager). Second place was tied between Chewbacca (Dave Boyd, Director, Studio Services) and a Voodoo Witch (me! Alexa Mancini, Business Development Operations Manager).

Thank you to all who braved the harsh elements of having perfectly good running water and plenty of alcohol and food to go around.

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