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I interned at precisioneffect because their team saw potential in me. I stayed because I saw potential for myself.

Real talk: Mental Health

“You can’t tell by looking at someone what they are dealing with inside.”

Real-world evidence in the Big Apple

Great minds converged at the Edison Ballroom in NYC to attend the 2019 MM&M’s transforming healthcare conference. It’s here where we hosted a rich roundtable style ...

Google & The Future of Gaming

Yesterday, Google had its biggest announcement in the entertainment industry since its acquisition of YouTube in 2006. Google unveiled its new Stadia cloud gaming ...

What's in a Culture?

Whether stated or not, every work place has a culture. Distilled down to its essence, a culture is a set of unifying values and beliefs that add up to a way of ...

A holiday message

What makes someone “presidential”? It’s a fair and particularly timely question.

Great benefits to cover our growing family (and their families)

We’re growing so fast, new people show up every week, including the very littlest ones!

The CEO Show

I love speaking in front of people – the size of the group is irrelevant – I just have fun doing it. I thrive on human interaction during the talk. Those small, ...

The Halloween that almost wasn't...

I thought I had cast the spell for a perfect party.

Kicking dad in the shins.

I was reading Shel Silverstein to my daughter the other night, and I came upon a poem that made me reflect a bit on Father’s Day, what I have as a dad, what’s ...

Jumping the pond

By Michelle Franco & Leah Wassermann

Surviving ASCO - a local perspective on visiting Chicago

ASCO is upon us again. And per tradition, 40,000 oncologists will descend on Chicago to mingle, reconnect, and review the latest and greatest oncology abstracts ...