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Google & The Future of Gaming

Yesterday, Google had its biggest announcement in the entertainment industry since its acquisition of YouTube in 2006. Google unveiled its new Stadia cloud gaming ...

A holiday message

What makes someone “presidential”? It’s a fair and particularly timely question.

5 Heart-Worthy Stories You Should Know About

Today is Valentine’s Day and rather than serving up typical heartwarming sentiments, we wanted to use this opportunity to talk about heart health truths and myths.  

Great benefits to cover our growing family (and their families)

We’re growing so fast, new people show up every week, including the very littlest ones!


We couldn’t have picked a worse year for our 2nd Annual Emoji Scorecard that ranks the best, the worst, and the most confusing Super Bowl commercials. Luckily for ...

Getting into the game

Apparently there was a big game last night?

The gift that keeps on giving

Happy New Year!

Radio. Radio! RADIO!??

I love speaking in front of people – the size of the group is irrelevant – I just have fun doing it. I thrive on human interaction during the talk. Those small, ...

Embrace the power

It’s too easy to bemoan the dehumanizing impact of the tiny, powerful computers that fit in the palms of our hands. Lately, the very tech titans who created them ...

The Halloween that almost wasn't...

I thought I had cast the spell for a perfect party.

Raising breast cancer awareness one friend at a time

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the time of year we’re virtually pinkwashed with the staggering reality of breast cancer’s big numbers. Like ...

Apple unveils a DTC ECG

For those that didn’t view Apple’s latest keynote, the development that carried the most groundbreaking health impact was the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 4.