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What's in a Culture?

March 4, 2019


Whether stated or not, every work place has a culture. Distilled down to its essence, a culture is a set of unifying values and beliefs that add up to a way of working that benefits both the employees and their customers.

Can we put the formality aside? Good. 

precisioneffect has long been a Beyonding culture. And that pretty much meant that the authentic, bold, and curious individuals amongst us would go above and beyond for our clients. Not too hard.

But we’ve grown. And as we’ve grown we’ve found Beyonding doesn’t really fit anymore.

As an outsider reading this, and potentially one of those clients, you might ask If Beyonding is gone, what is precisioneffect all about?

Good question.

In reality, this culture has been here all along. Today, we’re just making if official. When we look around at the collection of artists, scientists, sociologists, and free spirits roaming our halls, we realized what it adds up to is Wecentricity.

Wecentricity…that sounds like it’s about you. What’s in it for me?

Again, good question. Wecentricity is, in a way, about you, our client. It’s a recognition that the work that moves your business starts with trust amongst us, the people at precisioneffect. It starts with authenticity. It says to project managers, and account managers, to our planners and creatives, “Be yourself and nothing but yourself. Bring your unique capabilities and your different points of view. We want it all.”

Wecentricity is a generosity that looks for the best in everything a colleague says and does, then builds on it. “You said a cool thing there. I like that. What if we did it this way?”

A receptivity to ideas makes people more comfortable to share their thinking. It gives people the permission to take chances. To be daring. And daring thinking is the only thing that will change the standard of care.

And Wecentricity is the joy we’ve found in working with each other. It’s what makes us come back every day and do it again, regardless of the challenge.

Wecentricity. This is who we are, and what we promise to bring to bear for you.

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