2017 Nominations: TV Advertising Campaign, Multichannel Campaign and Product Launch!


Carolyn Morgan


Our official “velvet hammer.” Has two sets of twins aged 5 and under.

Deborah Lotterman

Chief Creative Officer

Astounding amount of energy. Seriously committed to making work fun.

Paul Balagot

Chief Experience Officer

Brains of a scientist. Heart of an actor. Guts of a general.

Strategy & Insights

Kunsan Kim

SVP Brand Strategy, Planning

Keen eye for detail. Research junkie. Magician.

Medical Services

David Segarnick, PhD

Chief Medical Strategist

Endlessly curious, utterly urbane, deeply empathetic — the college professor you wish you had.

Kevin Flynn

VP, Director of Medical Services

Looks like a marine, thinks like a scientist. Also keeps bees.

Account Services

Lauren Westberg

SVP, Accounts

Inquisitive. Passionate. Highly resented due to unfair share of good hair days.


Marinella Georgino

SVP, Creative Director

Always another angle. High heels. Higher bar for our work.

Doug Chapman

SVP, Creative Director

Creative pro who’s seen it all, sees it all with fresh eyes.

Media & Engagement

John Fitzpatrick

VP, Media & Engagement

Slight brogue, strong skills, deft hand. Has a desk in our Chicago outpost but lives online.


Sinead Whelan

VP, Operations

Does she have a helicopter? Able to see it all from 50,000 feet and find the needle in the haystack. And thread it.