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Each month, Carolyn speaks with the innovators-of-the-moment revealing the twists and trials involved in moving medicine forward. This quick, work-break series explores what drives individuals to take on the status quo and just what barriers lie on the path to wide-scale adoption.

Episode 3 - Out-of-the-Box Cancer Screening

Each year, 110 million people worldwide should be screened for colon cancer. Despite this staggering statistic, an estimated 45 million people avoid it annually. Exact Sciences is helping to change this narrative with their novel at-home cancer screening kit, Cologuard, and they're finding profound success.

How did Exact Sciences overcome commercial barriers to change the standard of care in colon cancer screening? What lessons can be learned for other aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs? Exact Sciences' CEO Kevin Conroy shares the success story of Cologuard.

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Episode 2 - Speed Reading the Brain

Is it Parkinson's Disease or Essential Tremor? For the 10 million people in the United States living with a tremor disorder, they'll need brain imaging for proper diagnosis. But, there are issues with today's imaging technology—it is time consuming (think hours). Likeminds developed an agent that can get you the same reading, in minutes.

How does this imaging agent impact healthcare costs? What are the patient benefits? Which diseases do we hope to get earlier diagnosis for? Likeminds CEO Peter Savas shares the future of brain imaging.

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Episode 1 - Facial Recognition in Rare

On average, a patient with a rare disease takes 4.8 years to find a correct diagnosis. For patients and families searching for answers, this wait can be agonizing. FDNA's Face2Gene technology is helping to change the standard of care and shorten the time to diagnosis - all through the use of a smartphone.

How did this novel tool come to be? What was the path to adoption like? FDNA former CEO Dekel Gelbman shares his team's story and the impact they hope to leave on the medical world.

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